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Our physiotherapists are trained in a number of different techniques which they may use to treat the many and varied conditions which can present to our clinic. Some of these therapies are:

  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy - spinal and peripheral joint therapy using:

    • Mobilisation - Small movements done in a gentle to firm manner to improve joint movement and decrease pain.

    • Manipulation - high velocity small amplitude joint movements often associated with an audible click which can improve joint movement and decrease pain.

    • soft tissue therapy - including massage, deep frictions (strong, deep massage over a small area), trigger point release, myofascial release.

  • Exercise therapy - patients will be provided with suitable exercises to assist in the self management of their condition.

  • Electrotherapy - We have a range of electrotherapy equipment to assist in the recovery process including:

    • Ultrasound - ultra-high frequency sound waves which produce a heating effect on soft tissues.

    • Interferential - Electrical impulses which can produce a pain relieving effect.

    • TENS - portable electrical stimulation for pain relief.

    • EMG biofeedback - sensors which can detect muscle activity and can assist with gaining correct muscular control.

    • Dry Needling - very fine needles which can release trigger points (tight regions within a muscle).

    • Exercise Rehabilitation Programmes - we are experts in providing programmes to assist in the rehabilitation and prevention of injury. We draw upon our knowledge of general exercise, core stability, gym ball therapy and pilates to design programmes which are safe and effective.

    • Hydrotherapy - we can design self-managed hydrotherapy programmes.

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